Tough Enough for the most Extreme Conditions

Durability & Superior Performance
Higher displacement means less work from the engine to produce torque and horsepower. The new Mercury 150 hp FourStroke is built to develop loads of torque at a stress level that will ensure higher durability than any other 150 hp outboard.

Light Enough for Efficient Performance

The lowest weight 150 FourStroke on the planet!
What seems like magic is simply Mercury Marine doing what it does best - creating game-changing, incomparable engines that elevate boating to the next level.

Vibration Management System

The Mercury 150hp FourStroke incorporates an exclusive and unique Focused Mount System which is 22 percent heavier and tougher than those found on competitive 150hp outboards.

Sound Management

As part of its world-class sound management technology, the Mercury 150hp FourStroke features a special idle exhaust relief system.

Built for Salt

Saltwater is a marine engine's worst nightmare.
To survive wide-ranging salinity, temperature, and humidity levels requires expert marine understanding, technology, cost, and equipment.

Tough Engine. Tough Warranty

A warranty that's supported by the strength and service expertise of one of the largest dealer networks in the country.

Two Stroke Torque Fourstroke Efficiency

What do you get when you combine class-leading displacement with the lightest 150hp fourstroke on the market? Mercury's new definition of performance.

All Amped up

Under the cowl, the new 150hp FourStroke has a convenient maintenance label highlighting basic maintenance intervals and requirements for the "do-it-yourself's".

Perfect for Repower

Mercury's new 150 FourStroke has far less transom well interference and a lower profile making it easy to fish over and around, or to mount under tight-fitting engine wells.