Pure Performance

Yamaha’s High Pressure Direct Injected engines combine four stroke fuel efficiency with two stroke punch!

What Makes A Yamaha VMAX Special?

The Yamaha VMAX high speed fuel pump pressurises fuel to 700psi for greater atomisation. Fuel injectors then distribute this pressurised fuel to each individual cylinder for a more efficient and powerful burn. Sophisticated sensors help the micro computer optimize ignition timing and air/fuel mixture for smooth running. This highly versatile engine is perfect for water sports or getting to your favourite fishing spot with speed and style.

  • Proven V6 configuration
  • Special heat treated crankshaft, connecting rods and gears enhance durability for longer engine life
  • Proven reliability
  • Great fuel economy
  • Precision blend oil injection system guarantees the optimum smooth running and excellent durability. It also eliminates the need for pre-mixing two stroke fuel.

The Z200 is the ultimate in reliability and technological innovation. It comes standard with the leading edge Yamaha Digital Network System so you get up to the second information on the operation of your outboard at your fingertips.