Leading The Way

Power, reliability and efficiency. These are the advantages of owning a Yamaha F200C.

The Yamaha F200C has built a legendary reputation for its excellent economy and unrivalled reliability.

The F200C takes advantage of variable camshaft timing (VCT) to increase low and mid range torque without compromising on maximum output and top end performance. VCT advances and retards the camshaft timing according to the engines RPM in order to increase the intake and exhaust efficiency at low and mid range RPM to obtain better power and acceleration.

The F200C also features a single throttle valve that is controlled electronically by the engines ECM. This enables precise control over the intake of air, which is smoothly routed into each combustion chamber through the surge tanks and the long intake manifold for greater power. Long intake manifolds are designed to increase air flow and work in harmony with the F200C’s variable camshaft timing to boost low and mid-range torque and achieve quicker acceleration.

The F200C can be matched with the leading edge Yamaha Digital Network System. Which means you have up to the second information on the operation of your outboard at your fingertips