Cruise Assist/No Wake Mode
By setting a consistent engine speed, Cruise Assist reduces throttle fatigue – making long tours more comfortable, while No Wake Mode™ caps the engine's RPMs at an easy idle speed.
Three-person Cruiser Seat
An exciting, new innovation that offers theater-style seating, spaciousness and a thrilling view for everyone on board.
Reboarding Step
Getting back on board after a swim can be achieved with the utmost ease, thanks to the convenient reboarding step.
Remote Transmitter
To increase fuel efficiency, Low RPM Mode can be activated with the push of a button. The transmitter also offers added security by preventing unauthorised startups.
The Newly Enlarged 125.5 Litre Storage Capacity
Allows ample room for drinks, food, spare clothing, and towels etc, along with other marine sports gear helping you to enrich your marine life experience.
Adjustable Steering
This feature allows the steering column’s height to be precisely adjusted to suit different-size drivers, reducing upper body fatigue and improving comfort.
Fast Access Instrumentation Buttons
An industry first, offering quick, easy access to onboard instrumentation buttons.
Reverse and a true neutral gear combine to offer precise control and ease of operation.
Open Looped Cooling System
All Yamaha WaveRunners utilise open loop cooling, which is used by 99% of marine manufacturers. Open loop systems have been proven to be the most effective, reliable and maintenance free solution for marine environments, which means less money and less time off the water.
3 Year Warranty
An industry leading 3 year factory warranty comes with all new WaveRunners purchased through all authorised Yamaha WaveRunner dealers. With the confidence of the industry’s best factory backed warranty behind you, you’ll be free to relax and enjoy your time on the water. The 3 year warranty is for recreational use only.